Britney’s Children are Eating Each Other

January 11th, 2008 // 20 Comments

Photos: Flynet Online

It’s survival of the fittest in the Spears home, Jayden James sporting bruises and a bite mark on him from his brother, Sean Preston, at the time of the police arrival at Britney’s home that infamous Thursday. Kevin Federine’s bodyguard then clarified to authorities that the injuries on the boy were already on him prior to Britney’s breakdown in her Beverly Hills home and that the bite was given to him by his brother. Great, I think we all know what this means. That’s right, zombie babies. Thank God I’ve already done my research.

Anyways, after a quick jaunt to Mexico, Britney’s back in the country. She was spotted last night at Marina Del Ray, CA with her best pal Adnan Ghalib, stopping at a gas station to get some essentials (which I’m hoping include a bra, or at least some kind of under-shirt) on her way back to her Los Angeles home. She looks so sad in these pictures, with her puppy and that strange lace top she’s wearing. Lord, the stories that dog could tell…


More photos of a sad looking Britney Spears with Adnan Gahlib at a gas station in Marina Del Ray after the jump.

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By Lisa Timmons

  1. b

    why isn’t the girl in the first pic wearing pants?

  2. b

    why isn’t the girl in the first pic wearing pants?

  3. LRM216

    That’s an old pic from last summer when she had the blond holding SPJ as her aid. They were embarking on a boat trip that day, as the original pics during the summer showed.

  4. Britney will be all right. Astrologically, she has the gift of intuition and genuine concern for humanity at large. She has the ability to deal with large groups, associations, and congregations. Her mental processes are logical and are influenced by a powerful imagination that takes off where others stop. Her professional pursuits should be within the spheres of higher education and mental discipline. In love she is capable of being sincere and affectionate, while maintaining a certain independence of habit and mind. Her emotional reactions and cues may be somewhat puzzling to others, because she expresses herself in unconventional ways. The key to a more harmonious self lies in keeping her inherent independence from souring into reserve and obstinacy.

    So why is she doing all these crazy things? It’s like a death wish. When we are depressed, drugged up and feel we have no friends or love, there’s a tendency to do the opposite of what is good for us.

    First, she doesn’t necessarily need mental help. She needs a confidante who she can trust is not after her money. This is why she is befriending complete strangers right now, hoping there is a diamond in the rough. However, she’s playing russian roulette and needs to talk with a successful entertainer who can advise her – without strings. That friend needs to advise her to GET OFF THE DRUGS.

    Second, she needs to move into another field of entertainment where she is a teacher/mentor rather than performer. Going back to school would be in order. This requires discipline and focus. She has what it takes, but is she willing to give up her vices? Next, she needs to get her children back as this will hold her back psychologically and professionally and will always play on her self esteem.

    Britney’s astro chart has not one negative aspect! This is rare. This tells me she is under the influence of drugs – which would be anyone’s downfall.

    Right now, she needs a good, true friend who she can trust. This friend needs to devote time with her and advice her that absolutely no drugs or else the friendship is over. Once she gets a grip on the drug use, stops feeling sorry for herself and being stubborn and willful, she will be home free.

    Britney knows exactly what to do to turn her life around.

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