Sean Preston Federline Fractures Skull

April 11th, 2006 // 37 Comments

Thank God it wasn’t the rapping that did the little kid in. Sean had taken a tumble out of his high chair, and had suffered a skull fracture. Let me get this straight, a week after the tyke fell from his high chair his parents took him to the hospital. Let’s get the parents enrolled in Parenting 101. If the baby falls on his head, you might want to take him to the hospital.

On April 7, when Britney Spears and Kevin Federline realized that their baby, Sean Preston, had been sleeping more than usual, panic bells went off. Just six days earlier, the 7-month-old had taken a major fall from his high chair, a tumble that had his parents worried that he might have been critically injured.

They had every right to fret. After rushing Sean to a nearby hospital, they discovered he had a minor skull fracture (sometimes called a “scalp fracture” in babies), and a blood clot. And the doctors weren’t the only ones to take notice! The next day, the Department of Children and Family Services began looking into the incident.

The Spears-Federline clan escaped disaster, but not their obligation to explain themselves to the authorities. On April 8, L.A. sheriff’s deputies arrived at Britney’s Malibu home to investigate a child-abuse claim against Britney and Kevin in relation to the head injury. Such an investigation isn’t unusual. According to California law, whenever a baby is brought into the hospital with a serious injury, the Department of Children and Family Services is alerted.

Baby Sean Falls & Fractures His Skull, Britney In Tears! [Star]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Now they are officially trailor trash:)

  2. Leeanne

    It seems Brit & K-fed have an aversion to seatblets in all shapes and forms. Of course the kid will fall out of the highchair if you Don’t buckle him IN !!! Blimey !

  3. Lynn

    I wonder if Daddy was watching him at the time. Britney, get rid of Kevin and devote yourself completely to your child. You obviously can’t have any distractions!

  4. gossipwhore

    are you kidding me… how did she let this happen. She needs to be more careful withthis cutie pie… we better see a return of Brits Mom… she needs to teach her daughter how to be a better Mommy before he becomes a ward of he state… I just wana cry I feel so bad for this boy.

  5. Lisa

    As a parent, I am very suspicious of this “accident.”

  6. Green Eyed Angel

    I just feel so sorry for this kid and the one on the way. He’s a poor little science experiment. A prop for Britney to use in proving something (anything?) to the world.

    The worst part is, they’ll never take them away because of who she is.

  7. KittyLiterati

    There’s no reason for SPF to fall from his high chair if he’s strapped in there properly. And who the hell waits a week to take their baby to the doctor after they hit their head on the floor?

    I’m gonna call negligence on this one.

  8. Pico

    I smell child abuse all over this one. Baby falls out of a high chair hard enough to fracture his skull, which would obviously cause a concussion or knock him out or something that would tell you to take him IMMEDIATELY to the ER, and they wait 7 days to take him to a hospital?!!!!!

    Something is not right with this situation.

  9. gOssiP

    um well this better shut up every dumba$$ that had the audacity to stick up for britney and the car incident and those who call her a “normal” mother.
    this is def not normal.
    this is horrible, and ignorance and neglect is the only answer to what happened.
    i am truly baffled.

  10. mommyof1

    i have a son, and the only way for them to fall out is if you turn your back on them when they are not strapped in.
    even if they aren’t strapped in and have the tray on, it’s hard for them to fall out.
    and there is definitely NO excuse for not taking your child in after a fall like that, unless the high chair “accident” is just a poor execuse.

  11. KittyLiterati

    Pico, you might be right. If I were Britney and my baby had fallen that hard, my ass would have called a police motorcade to escort me to the hospital.

    Maybe something worse happened. But letting your seven-month-old fall from his high chair is pretty bad in itself.

  12. girladvenger

    It’s my understanding that baby federline has a nanny. Give them a break, this is a working family and there are adults around this child but it seem plenty of people missed this.

    Everybody is doing their jobs and Brittney and Kevin deserve the attention of Children Services to find out what’s going on.

  13. jjr

    The primary person is the parent not the nanny. They are the ones that are responsible. Falling from a high chair is no joke. A fracture is definitely not something you shuld take lightly. She will get off scot free again because of her star status. Thats the way it works. How on earth did that kid fall out of that chair with all the safety precautions (straps, Table)? It probably happened in a blink of an eye. but iether way they should have at least let the doctor look at him right after the incident.

  14. supernova

    How fantastically white trash of dumb brit and smelly k-fed. That kid is FUCKED. He’d be lucky if he made it to his 5th birthday. And if those two vermon don’t piss away his inheritance on cheetos, starbucks, coffee and pepsis, the kid can use his money for life-long therapy (physical AND pshycological).

    I hate these two people – even with enough money to pay people to think for them, they’re too fucking stupid to live.

  15. Deaconess

    I truly hope you’re being facitious, girladvenger! Working parents? Hoping from club to club while chain-smoking dope is considered working?

    I’ve overlooked this terrible twosome’s innane antics in the past, hoping–just hoping–that possibly it was just young mother ignorance. But by far and wide, these people need to have that sweet little boy taken away from them–even if just for a day or two–to extract their heads from their asses! BE A PARENT!

  16. Kiki

    I really don’t think this is as big a deal as everyone is making it. This is not the first time I’ve heard of a baby falling out of a high chair. My cousin fell out once when she was little. She was holding a toy while my aunt was putting her in the chair. She dropped the toy on the floor and started screaming so my aunt bent down to pick it up. My cousin was trying to reach for it too (like how little kids reach for something that’s out of their reach) and she fell. It’s one of those things that happens so quick you don’t have a chance to stop it.

    I think it was probably an accident and after he fell she checked him, he seemed to be ok and she figured he wasn’t hurt. If she was truly a bad mother she wouldn’t have been worried when she realized he was sleeping more.

  17. they are living proof that some people don’t have sense enough to come in out of the rain. that poor baby

  18. Silasdog

    Hold it, trash-mom was in the room when the fall took place? And she doesn’t immediately take him to a doctor? Mommyof1 is right, if the kid is properly strapped in, he shouldn’t fall. Who the hell is watching this child? Their nanny must be on drugs too. This is totally inexcusable. This story has a nasty stench to it. If I could I would take that little guy outta there.

  19. LM

    As a mom, I am horrified by their lack of judgment in delaying medical attention. That is beyond negligent. It’s simply cruel. The issue here is not the accident but their failure to get treatment immediately. That in itself is abusive.

  20. netty

    She is an irresponsible parent and shouldnt be having children at her age obviously. Anyway, she has nanny’s watching him. And who knows what else they’re doing to them. I dont care how much money I have I wouldnt put my child into the arms of a stranger. And especially after a fall like that, he might seem fine, but he’s obviously not as strong as our bodies are. He’s just a baby!! She makes me sick!

  21. dd

    Fair enough that the kid fell…these things DO happen, no matter how bizarre or safe you might think the situation is. Babies will fall, the world carries on.

    What strikes me as odd is that he fell from a high chair which is a little more dangerous than perhaps falling off a couch (which is obviously a lower height).


    I have two children and I am so sick to death of hearing about these “so-called celebs” who are too busy “working” to properly raise and take care of their children!~ Children need to be nurtured, loved and guided through life- if you as a parent are not going to take that responsibility SERIOUSLY and not dump them on your nanny or other care-giver, then in my humble opinion you should not be having children!! It is a huge responsibility and BS/KF are obviously failing at it miserably… the only one who will suffer from this is the little one… take a page from Jen Garner and Ben Affleck’s handbook- PARENT YOUR CHILD~~!!! and don’t be so fame-obsessed~~!

  23. las

    She probably dropped him on his head, to make sure he was on the same intellectual plane as his parents.

    Seriously, this outlines why neither of the Federlines are fit parents. I wouldn’t trust them with a gerbil. And after the whole seatbelt debacle, now we have Britney leaving a young baby in an unsecured high chair, and they wait almost a WEEK to have his injury treated. And I doubt she can blame THIS on the paparazzi.

    Kiki, please tell me you’re joking. The problem is not JUST that he fell out, but that his white-trash progenitors (“huh? What’s those big-ass words they’re usin’ about us, poppa Kevin?”) DIDN’T DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT FOR A WEEK.

  24. um no

    girl and kiki–and you are the type of people right up there with britney who shouldn’t be parents

    come on- yes things like this do happen, but this is strike 2 (that we know of) for britney…what is it going to take for people like you to stop making execuses for this girl, a fatality????

  25. starla

    True, accidents can happen in a blink of an eye, but to not take him to be checked out afterwards?
    It is hard for a kid to fall out of a high chair if they’re strapped in. However, some of the cheaper chairs can topple easily.

    He should have been taken to the doctor, he could have died in his sleep or something.

  26. TheRestOfTheStory

    The store is not complete. According to the rest of the “Star” article in the printed magazine, Brittney and her husband were out of town in Dallas when it happened. The nanny was watching the baby, and the parents did not find out about it until they got home several days later when they stated asking questions becuase they knew something was wrong. They were obviously very upset and took him to the hospital ASAP when they found out. The teaser article is very misleading.

  27. Verdict Girl

    Restofsthe story: Thanks for clearing it up. I’d like to clear up another misconception. Some believe Britney and K-Fed are NOT White Trash. I am here to clarify for all 5 of you in America who actually believe this that Britney and K-Fed are absolutely, utterly, completely, entirely, unequivocally, and supremely WHITE TRASH!!

  28. Shar Jackson

    I’m not going to say I told you so, but I wouldn’t even let those fools HOLD my baby boy, remember?

  29. las

    “Brittney and her husband were out of town in Dallas when it happened.”

    And why the hell wasn’t their kid with them? Were they smoking too much weed?

  30. krissy

    Okay, so I understand that maybe they checked the baby and he seemed OKAY after the fall, but i mean, if you’re britney spears and you have TONS of money why not just take the kid to the hospital JUST TO BE FREAKING SURE. obviously theres a lack of love in the relationship. she uses this baby to manipulate people.

  31. YaYa

    It’s too bad the fall on the head didn’t make the kid any cuter. This fugly baby looks like trailer trash.

  32. anelanaeole

    Yet another shining example of why people should be required to have licenses in order to breed.

    How wonderful an example they are to the parenting world. If it’s not Britney driving her rollover-apt SUV with her infant son sitting inches away from the airbag, or drinking alcohol while pregnant, it’s neglecting to take said infant to the emergency room immediately after a high fall.

    Isn’t Hollywood grand? We have scientology parents who think the babies should be born in absolute silence, and then removed from their mother immediately after birth for a week, thus depriving it of the universally known and acknowledged bonding period that is so essential to parenting. Let us not forget that this also has the high possibility of hampering the breastfeeding process.

    This, coupled with all the nannies pushing strollers and carrying babies RIGHT NEXT TO the parents, who would rather shop than feed their child.

    And we wonder why children raised in Hollywood all end up so effed up.

  33. Little

    Kiki – we all know there will be unavoidable accidents in a child’s life – but ya don’t wait 7 days to take a baby to the hospital especially after a head fall!

  34. Green Eyed Angel

    Honestly, I think we should start up a fundraiser. “A Socialitelife’s sponsors the Neutering of Kevin Federline!” Come on Miu, think about it. It’s great PR &&&& your making this world a better place!

  35. terk

    Britney is a disgusting, pathetic excuse for a mother and I pray to God anyone who believes otherwise never has children.

  36. omg

    if it really was the nanny’s fault then i think we would hear about her firing her, i mean i would.
    this is all a cover-up for britney and kevin’s lack of parenting skills.
    shar jackson should be thanking God right now.

  37. LINDAinSF

    Just more proof for the cause “Why some people should not be allowed to breed”.

    We’d be smart to pass a law to sterilize Paris Hilton, Ashlee Simpson, and the hoards of other “up and coming” dumber that sh*t celebs now before it’s too late and they begin a-breeding as well!!

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