Sean Penn Explains Why He Left Robin Wright Penn Out of Oscar Speech

Mentioning your wife during an Oscar acceptance speech is kind of like saying “please” or “thank you” in Hollywood.  It just goes with the territory.  So, because every Hollywood couple’s relationship is America’s business, people have been abuzz with worry over why “Best Actor” winner Sean Penn left wife Robin Wright Penn out of his otherwise glorious speech on Sunday.

The Milk actor answered back that the omission means nada.  Telling reporters that his gratitude for his wife is “implicit”, Seanie said that he “wanted to keep things
focused on the professional team around this movie.”  

I have to say that I kind of see where he’s coming from.  We’re talkin’ about civil rights, people!  Watch the Oscar winner’s speech below (cause you should really see it anyway) and see what you think.

Despite their rough-and-tumble marriage history, I think the way Sean and Robin embrace before he goes up to the stage say it all: them two be in love.