Sean Penn Explains Why He Left Robin Wright Penn Out of Oscar Speech

February 25th, 2009 // 18 Comments

Mentioning your wife during an Oscar acceptance speech is kind of like saying “please” or “thank you” in Hollywood.  It just goes with the territory.  So, because every Hollywood couple’s relationship is America’s business, people have been abuzz with worry over why “Best Actor” winner Sean Penn left wife Robin Wright Penn out of his otherwise glorious speech on Sunday.

The Milk actor answered back that the omission means nada.  Telling reporters that his gratitude for his wife is “implicit”, Seanie said that he “wanted to keep things
focused on the professional team around this movie.”  

I have to say that I kind of see where he’s coming from.  We’re talkin’ about civil rights, people!  Watch the Oscar winner’s speech below (cause you should really see it anyway) and see what you think.

Despite their rough-and-tumble marriage history, I think the way Sean and Robin embrace before he goes up to the stage say it all: them two be in love. 

By Laura Bulchis

  1. salee

    Love Sean!!! Like he said in his oscar speech, he makes it hard to like him. But this is who he is. And his wife Robin, I think she understands this, I hope so. But I have to agree. Sean had a mission of getting a message across oscar night. And he did it.

  2. Dee Cee

    He’s a dumbass and cruel. She got the public slap just as he planned.. and he privately laughed about.

  3. oh puhleeze

    just showed (once again) what a no class egotistical jerk he is. it’s all about him always has been. she’s a fool for staying with him.

  4. Trish Karpe

    He is the biggest ass hole in the world. Mickey should have won the oscar!

  5. Trish Karpe

    This guy is the biggest self absorbed ass wipe in the world. What the hell is this beautiful woman doing with him. Every time he opens his mouth I want to shove my foot in his big stupid pie hole!!!! Mickey should have won the oscar!!!

  6. m

    well said >oh puhleeze – I used to enjoy him and he is a terrific actor but I would never go to see another one of his movies > EVER!!!!! Shame on the academy for honoring him! Also, I’m gay and voted against Prop 8 in California. It does nothing for our cause! We make nice progress with positive role models like Ellen and then the loud mouth gay marriage activists set us back. We already have all the rights in placed people, except for a few. Also >Why call it “marriage”??? – Let’s just be different like we are and call it “civil union” . Come on “think” people and just don’t be a bunch of kool-aid drinkers!

  7. Ruby Hart

    The only affection I saw, after his win was announced, was Robin, as Sean walked away, taking his face in both hands, turning it around to her, and kissing him. He was not interested, but extremely self-absorbed. Wonder why she stays around, and allows him to keep insulting her?!

  8. Martiniman

    Spicoli was the only good character this guy ever played…and pushing away Robin – idiot.

  9. Betty

    He’s a fool. He should have had some class and thanked his wife. I thought it was pretty cold for her to be “happy” for him and give him a smooch and for him to turn away from her like she was totally wasting his time – as if to say “what’s the point?” Terrible. I’m glad he made a statement that was positive for a cause, but if he is to show other people real compassion…that first must begin at home for it to truly be sincere.

  10. Rezz909

    Fuck sean penn you fag loving homo. The crap that comes out of your face is sick. If you don’t like it here then get the hell out of the states you commi bastard. You’re a little squirt with a big mouth. I hope you fail from this point on. Piss off!!!

  11. heather

    he wanted to keep it professional? really? is that why he turned his whole speech into political propaganda? let me get this straight…thanking your wife is inappropriate but pushing your political agenda isn’t? what a hypocritical buffoon!!

  12. piper

    Robin is in denial. You need to take your children and fly away to a better nest. He has no desires to change or embrace. His behavior in not mentioning you is truely where his priorities are. Run Robin Run…no stress…girl you deserve nothing but the best.Oh.I got carried away by Jessie McCarthy.

  13. Non-Gay

    Sean Penn did not deserve this award, anyone of the other choices would have been better, like maybe Brad. We all know it was a totally political selection made by all of the gays in the Academy so that he would be able to get up in front of the world and should just how big an ass he really is and that he is so full of shit it can help but come out of his mouth every time he opens it. Loser!

  14. Acemeister79

    There used to be a shortage of perfect breasts in the world – it is a shame that Robin lent hers out to a numbnut like Spicoli. He has the hots for Hugo anyways…

  15. Lionel1

    I’m so stoked he gave a shout out to Mickey Rourke! That was awesome!!!! Sean recognised Mickey as the real “winner” of the night.

    But I think the political element of the speech was expected and appropriate. The film is completely political. His win was in a way political.

  16. Howard

    Sean Penn is no doubt ego driven. Always has been, and love him or hate him, he is a pretty good actor. That’s why you tune in to a show like this. If you watch carefully he did kiss Robin back although she showed more love and admiration for him at the moment of the announcement. After all, he was winning a Best Actor award.

    As far as not thanking her in his speech, I don’t really hold that against him. It would have almost sounded silly in the context of what he was trying to say. All that political nonsense is typical of outspoken actors at award time, but I could probably do without it. It’s asinine to think that everybody would agree with his opinion on a huge televised event, but I guess that’s the point, to get sympathy and converts.

    I don’t particularly agree that equal rights for gays has anything to do with changing historical terms or definitions. A perverted lifestyle choice shouldn’t be confused with the sanctity of a normal marriage that produces natural offspring, and certainly doesn’t involve sticking a penis in someone of the same gender’s butt. Connecting the word marriage to something like that actually makes me feel physically ill.

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