Sean Hayes Finally Comes Out

After earning fame for playing outlandishly gay Jack on Will&Grace, Sean Hayes has finally come out in an interview with The Advocate. The obvi gay Hayes said he had always been hesitant to reveal his sexuality given that the television show was the first of its kind, and he didn’t want to be typecast as only gay characters.

“When I play a gay character I want to be as believable as possible,” Hayes said in his early interviews. “And when I’m playing a straight character I also want to be as
believable as possible. So the less that people know about my personal
life, the more believable I can be as a character.”

Apparently, there’s a bit of beef between Hayes and the magazine, which has made fun of him before for refusing to admit he was gay. But now Hayes seems to be using the mag to air his grievances about being typecast even before he ever came out.

“There were like 50 commercials where I was the husband or the nerdy
boy or whatever, and then I became famous for playing this gay guy,” he
said. “It’s funny. But that’s how it goes. It’s not up to you. None of
this is up to anybody. It’s what the suits decide for you.”

Sean Hayes: action hero. I’d actually love to see that. Hayes shopped with a gal pal at the Grove in Los Angeles on May 31, 2009.