Sean Federline’s Dent

May 31st, 2006 // 32 Comments

Wow. That’s some baby dent. We all remember the story of how it happened, right? The tyke took a backwards tumble from his high chair under the care of a now fired maid. A little spackle and he’ll be as good as new.


By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. mars

    pls tell me that is photoshoped?

  2. tia

    Mars, I was going to say the same thing. I refuse to believe that he has that dent on the back of his head. I just cant. I know the fall was serious but damn.

  3. mars

    Exactly, Tia. I also refuse to believe it :)

  4. JGirl

    That can’t be real!!

  5. That has got to be photoshoped…It wouldn’t be healed that fast first of all and hair growing over it. I think it’s a sick joke. He is just a baby and it’s not his fault he was born to Britney Spears…

  6. K

    No doubt Britney Spears will blame someone else again, uselss whore that she is. Poor kid having her as a Mother.

  7. LL

    These pictures are everywhere and you can see that dent in every one of them but I guess nobody noticed it till now. Just check other sites. I fear that’s not photoshopped. Poor SPF

  8. BFunk

    Oh just leave that poor girl alone. Any baby could have a dent in their head…lots of them are born that way.

  9. k

    God her fans are so annoying they are as stupid as she is.

    “Like OMG leave britney alone u jelos loser”

    Why don’t you all stfu?

  10. sorighton

    Please lay off this story. I find many things funny but joking about an innocent child isn’t one of them.

  11. las

    The joke is more about his MOTHER than him. Everyone feels sorry for the poor kid.

    Please don’t try to disguise defending Britney as defending a baby.

  12. cali

    Oh good lord.. leave the girl alone.

  13. SuperYeah

    I’m not even a Britney fan and I gotta say that this story is so fucking stale. Don’t bag on her kid and the woman breathe.

    Let’s move on.

  14. No wonder she ALWAYS has him in hats!

  15. CJ

    Yep kids are born with dents in their heads all the time. Mine had a huge dent across the top of her head from labor. She was being pushed against my pelvic bone and it caused a inch deep dent in her head. Most of it had leveled out but there is still a small indent left behind. My daughter is now 11!

    My husband has dents on either side of his head from when he was born. The doc had to use the ole salad tongs to get him out. They aren’t real deep but they are definatly there!

  16. Jen you should be ashamed of yourself for printing a photograph of a baby’s head wound. It’s one thing to display images of celebrities at their worst, but to display innocent children on your website is repulsive. Sean Preston is a baby and should not be exploited to the public, nor should the indention on his head. Exploiting children is wrong at any level, including those of celebrities.

  17. over_it

    I am definately not a Britney fan but i have to say that the whole ‘britney is a bad mother’ thing is getting very old and boring. Leave her alone. And to all those people who add comment about how bad she is you are all just as bad. Get a life and maybe you should start worrying about your own kids. If she wasn’t ‘Britney Spears’ this would so not even make the local news. Get over it!

  18. uhm, yeah

    Who gives a fuck about the baby. I’ll make fun of it all I want.

  19. tilajo

    OMG…! Yes, people/kids have indentations in their heads but not like this.
    I don’t agree with bashing someone when they’re down however, there have been way too many photos proving her incompetance.

  20. Small Fry

    I don’t think there’s anything wrong with this post, we’re not mocking the baby…just commenting on the fact that the kid fell and he has a dent on the back of his head now.

    And CJ, in case you hadn’t heard Britney did not have a vag birth, she had a c-section….so unless they’ve started using vaccums or forceps during a c-section I have to assume that this dent is due to the fall from the high chair.

  21. Hmm...

    How many of you people have ever been around kids? Have kids maybe? There is nothing you can do to prevent kids from getting bumps and bruises. I have scars and stuff from when I was a kid and got hurt, it’s part of growing up.
    Besides that… babies are sometimes born with dents in their heads, I remember one guy I went to highschool with had a dent that looks about like SPF’s, and he still had that when he was 17-18 years old!

  22. las

    Funny how we never hear about head dents on C-SECTION BABIES.

    over-it, you ARE a Britney fan, or you wouldn’t be wailing “give her a break” and telling others to get a life. It’s the party line.

  23. Small Fry

    To answer your question Hmmmm, I do have a child and I also have 18 nieces and nephews (I come from a huge family) and while all kids get bumps and bruises (me included), most kids don’t fall out of a high chair (if it’s being used properly), ride incorrectly in a carseat and almost get dropped on the sidewalk all within months of each other. The kid can’t even walk yet! It’s the skills (or should I say lack thereof) of the parents and the nannies that everyone is so appalled about. No one’s bagging on the kid here. I think we all agree that he needs rescuing before these two shitstains f*ck him up any more than they already have.

  24. ell

    Well Small Fry, you are just like Brit then, having a child and using that language!!! Thats a no no!

  25. SuperYeah

    I think anyone who is a parent knows that being a first time mom is hard enough without having the world scrutinze everything you do. Seems like everyone has got parenting advice for new moms and most of it is unsolicited.

    While K-Fed is def. scum, I feel for Britney b/c her mistakes have been broadcast over the globe. While she may be untalented trash, there is no doubt she loves her baby.

    Go ahead, bash me. It doesn’t change the fact that ripping on a Mom and her kid is the lowest.

  26. stephanie

    That is NOT from the fall. Kids are often born with hematomas and they leave indentations on their head/face when they go away. It could also just be a “soft spot” that babies are born with before their skull completely fuses. Leave the poor kid alone.

  27. las

    When did anyone get the weird idea that poor wittle Britney is being scrutinized unfairly?

    No one cares about the parenting skills of any other celeb mom, including ones who are more scrutinized than Britney. No, she’s not being picked on. It’s just that virtually every other celeb mom is more competant than her.

    If she doesn’t want people criticizing her, she should do a better job with her kid. THEN scrutiny will mean nothing. It’s that simple, but it’s still too complex for Britney to grasp.

    And I don’t care if “ripping on a mom” is what you consider the lowest. She’s not sacred just because she popped out F-Ked’s third spawn. You don’t get some sort of free pass for ineptitude just because you gave birth.

  28. over-it

    las- FYI i am NOT a Britney fan, i read this site to get my trash fix and am completely over my lunch-time trash fix being bombarded with Britney posts and pathetic people like you who think other peoples misfortunes are entertaining.They are only human.Shame on you.

  29. todd

    las All you care about bringing Brit down..You bitch you are on all the boards about brit and always saying the rudest stuff..GET A LIFE BITCH!!!

  30. Jenny

    It has to be photo shopped. Any dent like that on any kid and the child would be taken away from them.

  31. Linda

    My baby has a dent in his head and he has NEVER been dropped nor has he fallen over.

  32. facetheemusica

    This lil ole hausfrau who shall live in Tenafly, New Jersey shall have NO cause to make fun of this lil baby when I and my ugly red headed dopo son shall both have downs syndrome slanty eyes and chewy lil beaver teeth.

    My dopo son and I shall live in a 7000 square foot glass house so I cannot cast stones.

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