Sean Connery Isn’t Ashamed To Be Seen In This Car

Who am I to judge what a man drives while wearing a skirt? It’s fashion, darling. Try to keep up.

Sean Connery played host to the 7th Annual Dressed To Kilt fashion show at New York City’s M2 Ultra Lounge this week.  The charity show featured celebrities and athletes wearing Scottish designs and included runway appearances by Mike Meyers, Kellie Pickler and Joan Jett. Please educate me…are any of these people even Scottish?

Celebrity Magnet Tom Murro was on hand for the event and managed to meet Sean Connery and a handful of other celebs on his way out of the show including a skinnier, Al Rocker.

According to Murro, Sean politely introduced himself before saying, “It’s quite a f*cking crowd we’ve got here, sonny.”
Can you even handle that?

Get the original James Bond a martini and a pistol because that 79-year-old Scot has got some class! And by the looks of that S-Class Mercedes he rolled up in, I’d say that’s pretty much a fact.

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