Sean Combs For ‘VMan’ Magazine In Black & White

Hip hop mogul, Sean Combs, had a good time playing dress up in this black and white photospread for VMan magazine, donning several pairs of shades, a studded leather vest and a vinyl raincoat. It’s obvious from the ease with which Combs slipped into each different look that he’s comfortable changing his style as he is adopting a new nickname.

Getting personal, the entrepreneur confesses his feelings on love by saying, “It’s my strength, my weakness, my kryptonite. It’s the thing I am always in search of–and I am the type of person that if I love you, I love you hard.”

Diddy tells the mag in his interview, “We’re the Obama generation and
it’s not all about where we are at and where we are from, but also,
where we can go.” I like it–it’s vague, but mildly inspirational. Just how I like my fortune cookie fortunes.

Gallery Info: Sean “Diddy” Combs
poses for VMan magazine.