Sean Combs Want to Dress JLO’s Babies

February 25th, 2008 // 6 Comments

Sean Combs wears many hats, business mogul, rapper, father and ex-flame to Jennifer Lopez. Here he is, enjoying some parking lot football with his son, Christian, just outside of Fred Segal. And Sean chatted about new mother of twins, Jennifer Lopez, and expressed his happiness for his former girlfriend on the red carpet, saying that she “is going to make a great mother.”

He also added, “I’m going to send her some Sean John baby clothes.” Now, I don’t know if this outfit is a Sean John creation, but I would love to see a mini-baby version on both of Jennifer Lopez’s newborns, including the dark sunglasses.

Photos: Flynet Online

More photos of Sean Combs playing some football with his son Christian in the Fred Segal parking lot after the jump.

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Photos: Flynet Online

By Lisa Timmons

  1. swellhell

    yes puffy, that’s wonderful place to play ball with your boy. a extremely congested, high traffic alley behind fred segal’s, jeez…

  2. T-Bone

    Puffed Wheat, puffin himself up again.

  3. Bee

    I wonder what Dayanara will be sending, hopefully not poisoned apples…


    please i want to be getting more of p diddy’s pictures in my email ‘cos i am dangerously in love with him.

  5. Joana Mends

    Can i get Jlo’s contact she is and always be my role model,Jenny i love you to the next level! Joan.

  6. Joana Mends

    Sean Comds! i think you are truly a great friend, Jenny will cherish it forever, if not for anything for the LOVE you both shared.

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