Sean Combs Thinks Character Is For Poor People

February 5th, 2007 // 7 Comments


Perhaps hoping to get himself in the news for something other than his latest “did-they-or-didn’t they” shenanigans with Sienna Miller, Sean Combs recently talked to People magazine about his seven-week old twin daughters he has with girlfriend, Kim Porter.

“I bought them their first pair of diamond earrings. Tiny Tiffany diamonds for babies.”

The hip-hop mogul, who also runs the popular fashion line Sean John, hopes his daughter’s develop an interest in style.

He adds, “If they’re not into fashion, that’s cool. But I think they will be.”

And I’m pretty sure that fifteen years and forty-five weeks from now, he and Kim will have this to look forward to.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. brian

    Pity he couldn’t have married their mother,but hey,”Tiny Tiffany diamonds for babies” are so much better than legitamacy.

  2. shawna

    The fact that they were BORN makes them legitimate!

  3. cyndi

    apparently you and i are “old-fashioned” brian.

    shawna… just to let you know what brian meant by “legitimate” is a centuries old concept. if the mother and father aren’t married the baby (2 in this case) are bastards. the idea started to lose appeal around the 1950′s (or so depending on the area and demographic the person grew up in) ie. “good girls” started doing the “bad girl” thing and just sleeping with every tom dick and harry that walked by. in this case tom dick and dollar sign.

    if you watch the tv that the children are watching you can see where “our” children will be in 20 years. and it doesnt make me proud.

    i use “my super sweet 16″ as a learning tool, and tell my daughter to not act like those brats on the show, ‘see that little girl, dont do that’

  4. shawna

    Cyndi…I know what he meant and what I meant was whether they are married or not, The babies are still here. They still have his name and he still claims them. Therefore, they are legitimatly human beings. Now with that being said…

    bite me!

  5. cyndi

    bite yourself.

    because at the end of it all what does it really matter. what will he call her, his “baby-mama”, oh yeah, that shows love and respect(for both her and the kids). she better be keeping hold of all the diamonds and money he does send her way, for when she ends up being pushed aside for a newer model. and dont try to tell me he wont do that, we all know by now how the hollywood dating/marriage/living together scene really works.

  6. shawna

    Clearly you are too wrapped up in his personal life. I don’t care what she calls him or what he calls her. He has five kids…three mothers all of them can’t have the title “wife”…Please stop worring yourself with the title he gives his children’s mothers.

    Worry about the names your being called.

    Have a nice day!

  7. ann

    wow you guys all need to find a life just because someone has old-fashioned idea doesnt mean anything the same can be said for someone who doesnt share those ideas those are her thoughts and i think you guys are ignorant bitches for acting like a no-name (like you and her) really matters to anyone with money

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