Sean Kingston Talks About Death & Making It Through

Singer Sean Kingston has had quite an interesting 3 months. It all started Memorial Day weekend when Sean and a friend went jet skiing near his Miami home. After a terrible accident, Sean was in the ICU for 11 days, and finally left the hospital a month later. Now, he’s doing better and opened up to The Today Show to talk about his accident and life since. Check out a video of the interview after the jump.

As Huffington Post points out, while Sean has been active recenlty, he is far from “happy-g0-lucky.” But, he does know that he is “blessed” to have survived. He says of the jet ski accident, “My face was in the water and that’s what crushed my lungs, because there was so much water.”

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The accident itself wasn’t all though. After 11 days, Sean was ready to go home when he suddenly felt a stabbing pain in his heart. Turn out he had a torn aorta, a condition 90% of people don’t survive from. Doctors did emergency open heart surgery and Sean made it through. Talking about surviving two near death expereiences, Sean says, “It feels great, it’s a blessing. God is great. For me to still be here it’s only God’s work.” Sean and his doctor believe he defnintely has a guardian angel protecting him.

And as to why he survived? “My work is not done. It wasn’t my time yet.” Sean tells Today that he will be heading back into the studio shortly to work on new music. He’s still healing, but everyday it gets a little better. Sean even felt good enough to celebrate his friend Soulja Boy’s birthday. Check out pictures in the gallery. And don’t forget The Today Show interview video after the jump!

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