Seal’s Kids Still Don’t Think He’s Cool

Seal admitted that although he’s a famed singer, his kids don’t like his music and think he’s totally uncool, he said.

“They like
listening to, well they prefer what I call German oompa loompa music.
If I’m recording at home – my new album for example – and I’m listening
to it and working on it at home, they always tell me to turn it off!” he said. “My kids don’t think I’m cool – they don’t even speak to me on the phone!”

And they’re not even that old yet! Seal has two
sons who are five and three and one baby daughter plus wife Heidi Klum’s six-year-old daughter whom he adopted.

But Seal said the most important thing to him is being a good dad and that he admires his  friends the Beckhams.

“I have a lot
of respect for those two because, despite what they do in their
professional lives, they’re just always there for their kids,” he said.