Seacrest Turns On Cowell

Ryan Seacrest is blaming Simon Cowell for the ratings drop “American Idol” took this season . What a catty bitch. Maybe people are just tired of this show? I love “24” but even I realize the day might be over. Maybe people are tired of all of these plastic-ass “singers” coming out of the “Idol” cookie cutter. Maybe people are tired of YOU, Seacrest, and your blond highlights and your various beards.

When asked about the decline, reports Canada’s Globe and Mail, Seacrest replied, “Well, the knee-jerk reaction would be Simon.”

Seacrest says there’s just too much of the acid-tongued judge: “Clearly there’s an over saturation of his character.” Seacrest pointed out that the ratings are still high, and addressed buzz that bosses want to change some of the “Idol” judges. “That’s clearly rumor,” he said. “I’m positive you can’t recreate the chemistry that we have with the group on ‘American Idol.'”

Way to backpedal in the same interview, honey.