Scruffy Brad Pitt Continues To ‘Make It Right’

While at the 2009 Clinton Initiative, Brad Pitt took the opportunity to apprise those in attendance of the progress made in rebuilding New Orleans post-Katrina.

The Inglourious Basterds star went on to say of his Make It Right foundation in New Orleans, “We demanded that these homes be sustainable, that they have aesthetic qualities…that they be storm resilient and take safety in mind of the families who live there and that they would be affordable.”

As of yet, the organization has built 13 homes in the 9th Ward of the city, each of which has incorporated eco-friendly components like solar panels in order to minimize utility payments.

Make It Right has set its goal of building 150 homes by next year, one which Brad hopes to meet.

Gallery Info: Brad Pitt out to dinner with friends after attending an event for Bill Clinton in New York City.