Scruffy Zac Efron Smiles On Set, Premieres ‘At Any Price’ Trailer [PHOTOS]

Efron Poses With Fans
The Handsome Star Takes Time To Appreciate Fans
Handsome hottie Zac Efron has been sporting a decent looking beard for his latest film, Are We Officially Dating? and he seems pretty pleased with life despite his scruffy rugged appearance. The 25-year-old lovingly takes photos with fans, but don’t you dare ask him to pose next to a dildo! One thing is for certain, he and Imogen Poots look absolutely adorable together on set and don’t mind each others company at all.

Seen here, Zac Efron braves some of the coldest temperatures in NYC in years to continue work on his newest film. The actor kept warm with ear muffs as he made his way into a cafe for a scene on the Lower East Side on January 23rd. According to Bowery Boogie, the crew filmed in the cute Little Cupcake Bake Shop on Prince Street. Efron rocks the casual ensemble as per usual, that handsome devil!

Check out the At Any Price trailer after the jump!