‘Scrubs’ Actor Zach Braff Isn’t Dead

Hoping to refute the rumor circulating on the Internet that Zach Braff had died from an overdose of prescription pills, the Scrubs actor posted a YouTube video as proof that he is very much alive.

Helping Zach disprove the gossip was his co-star from his comedy series, Donald Faison, who ended the clip by singing an “R&B version” of “Wind Beneath My Wings.”

Braff zeroed in an blogger, Chris Laganella, who originally posted about Braff’s supposed demise on his blog, and added that he didn’t feel that the note on Facebook assuring friends he was alive didn’t get quite as many “likes” as he would have preferred.

For those of you keeping a vigilant news watch for a possible suicide by Zach, he would like you to caution you that his preferred method of self-destruction would consist of “hitting [himself] with pots and pans.”

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