Scott Storch Saddens Me

December 19th, 2005 // 10 Comments

Dude, seriously. You’ve got to stop pursing your lips, stop wearing the bling, and remember your from the suburbs in South Florida – not the hood.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. andramada

    wasn’t he in love with paris hilton while they’re were producing her album? put this together with man paris’s new corn-rows, and the conclusion is disturbing: girl paris infects everything she touches with vulgar taste.

  2. JP Thrashya

    What a tool.

  3. netty

    ooouuu, I hate this guy!! Such a wigga!

  4. SMroxs

    Why does he look like that? Why? He’s so scary. Someone hold me, please. :(

  5. Uhm_Yeah

    Does he think he’s from compton or something? What a poser.

  6. Miss_JA_Mickey

    All of you are haters. Scott is a super talented guy, and if you had the oppertunity to hang with him for one second you’d know better than to talk s**t. I know!!

  7. The NExt One

    I mean DAMN!!!!!
    The man’s gettin’ paid 165G’s per track . He made shit for ya to bob ya head to (LEan Back, Playas Only, Run It, Turn it up and soooo many others. Like over 200 Top 40 songs!!!
    PLEASE!!! Let the guy ball till he falls!
    Shit it dodnt matter where your from , if you got the touch of makin’ classic music then why cant you embelish in the lifestyle.

    You gotta be from the hood to have Nice jewelery!!

    Ya’ll must country types or somn….
    Plus, How many white Jewish guys get paid for rap music and get at a Hilton(not for the money)
    Haters droolin’ in your bibs!!

    …”Haters like Stevie ,
    ……….got eyes and still cant see me”

    STorch…keep em comin…Ill be up there ina minute.


  8. WOW, Storch makes 80-90 g’s per track. You guys make half of that in one YEAR. Please the man is talented, smart, and jewish. Geez.

  9. KMR

    No word of lie this kid is fiya i can honestly say hes on a dre level and you ahtin coz you aint there get a grip man, that kid done alsorts for you to rock with have you seen the insheet on the dre 2001 have alook who does most of the keyboards i can tell you it aint dre…


  10. werd

    dude was raised in philly, was part of the Roots

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