Scott Speedman Hits Slamdance

Drool. It’s been a while since Scott Speedman has surfaced, but that hot mug of his made an appearance at the Sundance Film Festival where he was promoting his film “Weirdsville.” The film co-stars “American Beauty’s” Wes Bentley (another one we haven’t seen in a while).

Bentley and Speedman walked the red carpet in the Treasure Mountain Inn at the top of Park City’s Main Street, along with director Alan Moyle, and screened the film for an appreciative audience.

Bentley, who despite great acclaim for his role in “American Beauty,” (which won five Oscars in 2000, including best picture) is known to be picky about his film choices — and his public appearances. “I think it will be a word-of-mouth thing” Bentley said after the screening. “I think people are going to see it and respond to it like (the crowd) did tonight and tell their friends about it. That is the only reason I am here, because I really don’t like the press and things.”

Slamdance lures full house with ‘Weirdsville’ [Desert News]