Scott Speedman Forgoes The Spandex

May 10th, 2008 // 6 Comments

Here’s Scott Speedman out biking. Everything seems fairly normal until he gets to the bench and starts rocking out with his earphones. Then I expect him to start talking about the Burger Barn and inviting me to his party.

Scott’s starring in this new flick called The Strangers with Liv Tyler. It looks scary as hell. Anytime someone in a movie puts on a grotesque mask, I’m checking under the bed that night. This one is a remake of a foreign movie that was supposely based on a true story about random strangers who attacked a young couple one night. Probably an urban legend. Watch the trailer here. Watch until the end for the reason why they attacked the couple. I’m sleeping with the lights on.


9 more photos of Scott Speedman biking through Los Angeles are after the jump.


By J. Harvey

  1. For a second I thought he looked like a young Wolverine in that first pic.

  2. Gossip Gurrrl

    ahhhhh such a hot piece of ass…uhm I mean man. He rock out with me any day.

  3. sam

    Looks like screencaps from Felicity.

  4. Jasmin

    I just love this man…

  5. Puma

    I love him too, but I think he should shave his beard than he would be more sexy :-)

  6. Mary Johnson

    He is HOT. I adorn him. Need to see more of him in movies

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