‘Scott Pilgrim’ Needs An Action Hero

The highly anticipated (if only by a few) Scott Pilgrim Vs The World paled in comparison to the action-packed meathead magnet, The ExpendablesMTV.com reports that Sylvester Stallone and company earned $35 million at the box office this weekend, while Pilgrim only earned $10.5 million.

The issue?  Appeal.  Unlike other summer blockbusters like The A-Team and Knight & Day, which combined action and comedy, The Expendables was just the fix for action junkies everywhere.  No muss.  No fuss.  Just Willis, Stallone and Schwarzenegger.  That combined with their monster marketing campaign brought in ticket sales.  MTV spoke with Box Office Guru, who pointed out:

“Scott Pilgrim is an awesome film, just like ‘Kick-Ass’ was, but
it’s too cool for its own good.  When you only appeal to
teens and hipsters, you’re limiting your audience, and your film better
only cost $30 million. Pilgrim cost at least twice that amount. Don’t
spend more than $30 million on films that are too hip for the general

Hoping for better luck abroad, the cast of Scott Pilgrim Vs The World arrived at the London premiere in Empire Leicester Square.