Scott Disick Refuses To Marry Kourtney Kardashian

It’s not a coincidence that male genitalia falls in Scott Disick’s name. Why is this fool still around? Even when shopping with Kourtney Kardashian in Soho on Tuesday, he seems so uninterested and clearly just going through the motions for the paparazzi’s sake.

And not that anybody is even surprised, but now Scott has yet another strike against him after revealing he never wants to marry Kourtney.

“Scott loves Kourtney, but he also loves the freedom of not being completely committed to her legally,” reveals a Kardashian insider.

Even though it sucks being with a man that doesn’t want to marry you after you’ve had his baby, I’m actually thankful Scott hasn’t manned up and asked Kourt to walk down the aisle. She’s got her own business, an adorable, kissable baby and a conveniently attractive support system in her Kardashian family.

If only she’d wise up and get rid of that tool. Ugh, even his orange-hued tan makes me want to vom.