Scott Disick Is Back To His Dickhead Ways

Seems good old Scott Disick is still being his old asshole self, starting a fight at Juliet Supper Club in New York last night. He was out with Kim Kardashian, Khloe and girlfriend Kourtney as they taped their new reality series (which won’t include Khloe that much), when Scott exchanged words with an unidentified male and ended up in a brawl.

“As soon as Kourtney left to use the restroom, a guy went up to Scott and the two started shouting aggressively,” an eyewitness tells Life & Style. “Glasses were thrown, and the glass shattered everywhere on the floor. Everyone surrounding them was really scared and moving around to avoid being hit — even the camera crew looked nervous and shocked.”

Um, I feel that Scott is more of a menace to society than Lindsay Lohan and should be in rehab with her. They could be rehab buddies. Or, more likely, they could go down in flames together.

And why doesn’t Kourtney just get rid of him? He’s such bad news.