Scott Caan Hospitalized From ‘Hawaii Five-O’ Accident

Scott Caan was flown back to LA from the set of the reboot of Hawaii Five-0 last week with a serious knee injury, suffered while performing a stunt for the show.

A source told the NY Post that Caan, 33, immediately underwent surgery for what is believed to be a torn ACL. Production on the CBS show continued while he was out and it’s said that the injury will be addressed in the storyline. Check out Caan having dinner with a friend earlier this month in LA in the gallery below!

Alex O’Loughlin, who plays McGarrett, has said that filming on the series has been especially rough. “I’ve been getting thrown out of tanks, beaten around the island of Oahu,” O’Loughlin told

While the show is going to be a new take on the classic show, they will keep some of the fan favorites from the original.

“I’ve made a point not to see [the old series], because I want to keep it fresh and not have any old ideas,” Caan told TV Guide.