New Senator Scott Brown Daughter Ayla Brown

So there is a big hubub on Capital Hill about Republican Scott Brown’s winning Ted Kennedy’s seat in the senate because blah first Massachusetts Republican Senator in 30 years  blah blah Obama Administration blah blah health care reform.  But let’s focus on what’s important.

Scott Brown got to where he is today with hard work, focus, determination, and getting naked. See kids, that’s how you get ahead. When Brown was a law student in 1982, Cosmopolitan magazine voted him the “Sexiest Man of the Year” and got him to do a nude centerfold (for some reason this was considered sexy in the 80’s, remember Burt Reynolds on the bear skin rug? If you don’t then don’t look it up, it will be burned in your brain forever). In fact the Senator might do it again according to Weekly World News.

Though he doesn’t seem to embarrass easily he forgets that others might. During his acceptance speech, Brown excitedly announced from behind the lectern that his two daughters could use some suitors.  “Just in case anyone who’s watching throughout the country”, he declares, “yes they’re both available.” (Do I hear $250?) Everyone in the audience went crazy and you see his daughter Ayla Brown’s mouth dropped open and she runs to her mom Gail Brown, a Boston TV reporter, for comfort. Watch that video after the jump.

He quickly had to backtrack since his pre-med daughter Ariana Brown is not actually single (yikes, Ariana’s boyfriend, that one had to hurt).  “Only kidding” he says, “Ariana’s not available but Ayla DEFINITELY is.” Holy embarrassing dad moment. He goes on to thank both girls for their professionalism which is a tad ironic, because he continues to list Ayla’s stats.

You might recognize Ayla as a finalist on season five or American Idol (who unlike Dad America did not end up voting for) or you might have seen her playing a guard for the Boston College Eagles.  The new Senator also told President Obama he thought he should bring Ayla down to the White House courts and take him and his best on for a little two-on-two.  I would definitely watch that.