Scott Speedman Talks ‘Felicity’ Reunion While Promoting ‘The Vow’

Nice Bedhead!
Speedman looks like he hasn't aged a bit since Felicity.
Scott Speedman is currently promoting The Vow, coming out February 10th, where he plays the jerky ex-fiancé to Rachel McAdamsamnesiac character. He gets to (spoiler alert!) make out with McAdams, but then he gets clocked by Channing Tatum, so… you win some, you lose some?

But before he was on the big screen, he was playing Ben Covington on Felicity opposite Keri Russell, which I’m actually in the middle of Netflixing! Despite my inability to remember if Felicity ends up with Ben or Noel (or neither?), the idea of a Felicity reunion sounds like a dream come true.

Speedman agrees, but says if it happened, he’d be doing it fat. Yes, seriously. He would want Ben to be “a giant fat guy.” Ha ha, very funny– but seriously, you don’t look like you’ve aged, so let’s keep it that way.

When he hasn’t been talking reunions or new movies, Speedman seems to be spending time with girlfriend, Teresa Palmer. They were spotted at LAX on their way to Sundance a couple weeks ago.