Scott Speedman, Chace Crawford and Abbie Cornish Attend InStyle’s Shindig During The TIFF [PHOTOS]

There may have been a schoolbus full of stars shuffling down the red carpet during last night’s InStyle and Hollywood Foregin Press Association’s Annual Event during the Toronto International Film Festival, but our eyes were completely fixated on Scott Speedman.  Those eyes, that hair.  Who cares if Chace Crawford was there, or Abbie Cornish?  Ben Covington is there!!!!

PHOTOS: A Little Meat On Scott Speedman’s Bones Never Hurt Anyone

Speedman stars in Edwin Boyd and The Moth Diaries, both of which premiered at the festival.  The Felicity alum told Canada’s CTV that he’s alright flying under the fame radar.  In fact, he prefers it.  “To be honest I didn’t know how lucky I was to be a part of that show when I was doing it; it was a very good experience for me… I’d probably say if people recognize me at all it’s usually from that and that’s fine with me,” Speedman said.  “That was a very, very special show to me.”

You are very, very special to us, Ben.

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