Scott Speedman And Teresa Palmer Are Over, But Is Speedman Currently Single?

Speedman's Ride
The actor skipped spandex.
I know I shouldn’t applaud splits because of heartbreak, blah blah blah, but I heard that Scott Speedman and Teresa Palmer split up and I was so jazzed.

Then I saw pictures of Speedman making out with Last Resort co-star Camille De Pazzis, and I went back to sulking.  E! News has photos of Speedman and De Pazzis making out in the Pacific Ocean, while filming in Hawaii Sunday (October 7th).

Speedman appears on Elle Canada’s men’s edition, scoring the cover for their November 2012 issue (via Just Jared).  Speedman talked about filming Last Resort and the downside of action scenes: “It’s pretty intense in different ways. The story is obviously intense itself, but trying to do that kind of show in eight days is also a challenge….We did a lot of action this week: a lot of running around, a lot of emoting, a lot of brooding.” 

And what about building a family with the future Mrs. Speedman (pick me, please)?  “I’ve got to work on a couple of things in terms of balance before I can bring a child into this life. I wouldn’t feel complete if I didn’t have a family, though.”

Whatever you say, Ben Covington.