Scoop On The Third Season Of ‘The Vampire Diaries’ [PHOTOS]

The suspense is killing us regarding the season three premiere of The Vampire Diaries.  According to Zap2it, Matt Davis (Alaric) tweeted, “Morning everyone… Finally broke away from that damn #LakeVortex and am now shooting a new ep. I’d like to call it #Alaricgetshisgrooveback.  Finally.”  The cast is apparently spending the summer at a lake house together (JEALOUS), and little drops of plot are finding their way to the interweb.

VIDEO: Catch A Peak At Season Three Of The Vampire Diaries

Alaric will continue to be a sort of big brother to Jeremy and Elena, and he still grieving the loss of Jenna.  We’ll see an unlikely alliance between him and Damon, but they’ll definitely come to blows at points.  Elena will lean on her history teacher in her search for Stefan, who is totes on the warpath for human blood. Damn you, Klaus!!!!

Unfortunately the terrible hybrid can find all of his victims back at Mystic Falls High, where the kids return for the school year.  The season premiere finds Bonnie, Caroline and the gang throwing an 18th birthday for Elena, who just wants to find her boyfriend.