Scientology’s Tommy Davis Walks Out On Martin Bashir Interview

ABC’s Martin Bashir chatted with Scientology spokesman, Tommy Davis, as part of an in-depth piece examining the organization’s practices. It was when Bashir asked Davis to explain the basis of the mythology of the church’s beliefs–which is built around Xenu, an intergalactic being, and whose people he lodged in a volcano on Earth 75 million years ago–that Davis became indignant.

Davis responded by saying, “Martin, I am not going to discuss the disgusting perversions of Scientology beliefs that can be found now commonly on the Internet and can be put in the position of talking about things…that are so fundamentally offensive to Scientologists to discuss.”

When pressed by Bashir to clarify what Scientologists believe about the origin of the human race as explained by L. Ron Hubbard, Davis removed his mic and left the interview.  Just 45 minutes prior to when the piece was scheduled to air on Thursday, Davis arrived at ABC headquarters in New York, requesting to speak to Bashir and the show’s executive producer.

Page Six reports that when Tommy approached a security guard a source, a source explains, “The guard called Nightline staffers down to come deal with him. He was told as politely as possible that the piece was cut and in the can and could not be changed and that Martin would be unable to see him.”

Uh oh. Sounds like Martin got glib! The church ain’t having a great week, that’s for sure.