Scientology Still Trying To Ensnare The Beckhams


Did they get Will and Jada, too? Becks seems dull enough to fall into this trap, but thankfully Posh is stubborn and would much rather spend the money on clothes. Tom Cruise is throwing the Beckhams a “Welcome to America” soiree. When the doors lock after they arrive, that’s when you know it’s a cult attack!

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, along with Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith, are throwing David and Victoria Beckham a “Welcome to America” party on Sunday. Our tipster reports, “Invitations went out all over Hollywood . . . they were printed on red velvet with tacky gold lettering.”

Will the cake be shaped like Xenu? Can you imagine how terrifying it would be when Tom stops the proceedings to “have a talk” about “goals in life” and “how much better it is when you let go, and let Xenu” and “how the organization need money to repair the mothership”. The Beckhams should arm themselves and not drink the punch.