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June 15th, 2006 // 36 Comments

Do you remember the incident the other day that occurred between Jenna Elfman and the the film director John Roecker who was wearing the “Scientology Is Gay” t-shirt? She asked him the bizarre question, “Have you raped a baby?” Well, there is a specific reason why she asked him that question.

“It’s one of the questions Scientologists are asked by Scientology leaders when they’ve misbehaved,” a source familiar with the religion explains.

That’s just freaky. What kind of frickin’ religion is this?


By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Memikeyounot

    I loved Dharma and Greg and still watch reruns on FX. No longer..this is just too weird, a religion that doesn’t believe in God? Now I sound like the right wing Christians huh?

  2. Ella

    Is it to make a comparison, like whatever you’ve done isn’t so bad?

    Tom Cruise: “I have stolen a yound woman’s life, impreganted her with alien sperm, given my daughter a bizarre name that I refuse to admit I made up, degraded and defamed women everywhere with PPD, and I plan to dump my new wife several days before the pre-nup would give her half of my stuff. You know, just like I did to my first first wife. And second wife.”
    Spiritual Advisor: “Yes, but have you raped a baby?”
    T.C.: “No.”
    S.A.: “Then don’t worry about it. Only raping babies is bad.”

  3. doofus

    to answer the question of “what kind of religion…”


    I read this story yesterday. The guy has a right to wear that shirt. and yes, elfman and her husband have a right to be offended. However, that does NOT give them the right to verbally assault the guy.

    THEY approached HIM, and then cry about being “personally attacked for their beliefs”. Their rep says (if you can believe ANYTHING a rep EVER says) that he “continued to scream propaganda and hate at them”. Well, cry me a fucking river. If you approach someone because you’re offended by their Tshirt, and you ask them crap like “have you raped a baby?”, you deserve WHATEVER is said back to you.

    and I want one of those shirts.

  4. cutesy mcbuttons

    ella… you’re funny :P

  5. badattitood

    Um, for an explanation..that doesn’t really explain very much. Bitch is nutzoid!!

  6. King Smart Ian

    What do Scientology believe is the right answer to the question?

  7. jazz

    NOT a religion- it’s a CULT.

    For the biggest airheads on the planet

  8. jazz

    The only belief here is bleeding as much $$$$ as possible out of these incredibly foolish, insecure Hollywood fools

    They are gtting enormous amounts of money from them

  9. Stoney

    I used to live across the street from a huge mansion that was a scientology center. When I couldn’t find any parking I would park in their parking lot. They always left me pamplets on my windshield with fucked up questions just like that baby rape one. I always thought about paying them a visit, but I was much too afraid of being taken prisoner and re-programmed.

  10. anti

    Stoney that was extremely funny. I am curious as to what it is they actually believe in.

  11. Small Fry

    Doofus and KSI, you both rock!

  12. Fabiola

    The Shadowy Story Behind Scientology’s Tax-Exempt Status

  13. oh_no_mon

    Ella, you are brilliant!

  14. Well, it’s not rape if they’re willin’…at least that’s what preacher Bill used to tell us in Sunday School. So gentle, yet so strong.

  15. Andraya Trybus

    Damn, I love Jenna Elfman on “Dharma & Greg”. Every saturday morning I’m up watching it on FX. If this story is true, it bums me out. She’s turned into a psycho cult freak.

    Somebody kidnap her and deprogram her!

  16. SomeDumbGuy

    The best place to get all the info you could hope for about Scientolgy — good and bad — is at Wikipedia. Their article on Scientology provides links all over the place, both official and critical.

  17. Mike

    Poor Jenna and whathisname…….the downward spiral will occur… her last seasons comedy series…… least Tom was a Movie Star…..(I liked Bugs Bunny though)…..what will she spiral down to?????

  18. FunMe

    Scientology is a religion for FREAKS.

    Oh, and also for gays. Closeted Gays. No wait, Closeted Gays with LOTS of $$$ Money who need to hide behind the Scientology Closet.

    Next question.

  19. Kazzie

    Scientology is NOT a religion – it’s a fucking cult! There is plenty of info out there on how bad it really is. They classified themselves a religion to get the tax breaks. It was started by a two-bit, sci-fi author who said if you want to make a lot of money – start a religion. You can find out lots of info as to just how dangerous and evil they are by visiting Operation Clambake

  20. Kirstie Alley

    The REAL news is here that NONE of US have heard from Jenna Elfman since Dharma & Greg got cancelled.

    All of sudden, she’s in the news- religious intolerance and victimization- and even though most of the comments on here are anti-scientology we’re now discussing her.
    (scientology = self-serving dogshit… in my humble opinion)

    Her PR peeps may be psycho, lying, bloodthirsty bottomfeeders, but they got her on the front page…

  21. las

    You know it’s a religion… cut that, a SCAM for psychos when they ask if you rape babies. Real religions ask stuff like “Do you beliebe Jesus is God?” or “Do you believe in reincarnation?” or “Do you believe Mohammed is God’s prophet?” Relevant stuff.

    This one asks if you rape babies. Siiiiiick. Makes ya wonder what L. Ron did in his spare time.

    And I agree that Elfman and her husband whatsisface were within their rights to be offended… but CIVILLY. Not running up to the guy and shrieking at him and gesturing in a violent manner.

  22. medeastrawberry345

    That is so crazy…

  23. Youla

    I don’t I ever hated a TV show as much as I hated Dharma and Greg.

  24. Larilee

    OK, Now, I’m Catholic and yeah, I get offended by the child molestation comments and t-shirts aimed at the Catholic clergy, but since I’m an adult, I just figure the person has the right to believe and say what he/she wants and I ignore it.

  25. Jenny

    You can read more about $cientology at Operation Clambake:

  26. curious

    I wonder what really goes on in the Scientology Celebrity Center and The Sea Org Yacht. Maybe TC knows.

  27. las

    Agh! Jenny, you wrote “Xenu!” Cover their eyes! Cover their eyes! Do you rape babies!

    Sorry, was channeling Whinna Elfman for a moment there. ;)

  28. Thaddeus van Worthingheimer

    Shh. We can’t talk about scientology. They have massive Internet search programs that can determine if anyone is making derogatory comments about the relig…err…cult. If they see we are, we’ll be put on their shit lists.

  29. Just a Chick

    EVERY began as a cult. I’m not into $cientology, but I doubt it’s sucked up (and frivolously used) more money out of people’s pockets than, oh, the Catholic Church.

  30. Just a Chick

    Erm…my previous post should read “Every _religion_ began as a cult.”

  31. las

    Just a Chick, too bad you don’t know what you are talking about. I can tell you from experience, a person doesn’t have to pay a cent to be Catholic. Because I don’t, and I never have. ;) So much for vacuuming.

    Scientology, on the other hand, was expressly MADE to make money. No other reason! L.Ron was broke (because his books are crap), and he needed money and tax breaks. So to be treated like a human being in Scientology, you have to pay vast quantities of money (a la Tom Cruisingforguys). If you don’t have enough money, then they decide to basically use you as slave labor.

    It strikes me as weird that even L.Ron said it wasn’t a religion, yet his own FOLLOWERS don’t accept that. Or do they just deny everything?

  32. The Mav

    Interesting advertisment on the right. It’s a Dharma and Greg season one DVD.

    Hummm…I wonder if one has to do with the other?

    Come on your conspiracy freaks, find out.

  33. urbancowgrl

    Are these celebrities that hollow that they have to scream out that programmed shit. So stupid. These people must be desperately searching to fill a void in their lives. LRon’s son was interviewed once. Had some nasty things to say about it. I think I read it here.

  34. cyndi

    i was on just going round in circles. there are links where you can go from one person’s page to another (if they dated, stared together, drug problems, same religon, things like that) and found out she was sci-fi, and instantly lost all respect for her.
    i mean tc scares me enough as it is.
    and reading about l. ron… it’s just a joke that anyone ever fell for his bullski.

  35. dropdeaddusty

    Well, with geniuses like T.Cruise and J.Elfman, we may not have to worry about Scientology pretty soon. Talk about bad advertising. If Scientology was a product like Pepsi, it would crash and burn, baby.

  36. libraesque

    UUUmm, just a chick, I may be wrong, but does the Catholic church demand money from it’s members, because I’m pretty sure if I went into a church right now for a service and didn’t have, oh lets see, $200.00, I wouldn’t be kicked out, unlike Scieno, you wouldn’t get past the first 5 min without about $200.00 bucks, if you say you don’t have it they ask for a credit card……that’s NOT religion

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