Scientology Can’t Stand The Heat

It seems like eons since we’ve heard anything about Scientology, Tom Cruise or Katie Holmes. Well, two out of the three are back. Glamour magazine is working on an expose about a former Scientologist. When the Scientology overlords heard about this, they immediately sent two of their people to Conde Nast headquarters.

An insider at Glamour said, “The story is about a woman who grew up in the church and literally fled to the country to escape her husband, mother and the Scientologists she lived with. During our fact-checking, we called the L.A. headquarters and several hours later two Scientologists showed up at Conde Nast and had security call the editor of the story to tell her she had visitors. In our offices, they demanded to see the story but we declined, noting we don’t release stories until they are on stands. They showed up twice more that week with DVD’s and books about Scientology and then finally with their comments. During the last visit, the Scientologists saw the latest issue of Glamour with Nicole Kidman on the cover with the tagline tease, ‘Nicole opens up about Tom,’ and demanded copies.”

In related news, Katie Holmes insists that Tom Cruise did not pressure her into Scientology. Tom only wants to help people.

She said of Scientology: “I’m taking some courses and I really like it. What I like about it is that, you know, I was raised Catholic, and you can be a Catholic and a Scientologist, Jewish and a Scientologist. I’m learning to celebrate my own spirit, my own being.”

She also claimed War Of The Worlds star Cruise did not pressure her into the religion, established by sci-fi novelist L. Ron Hubbard. Katie said: “That’s really ludicrous because, I mean, you have to know Tom. He is the most loving, generous man. He wants to help people. He doesn’t put pressure on people.”

Katie denied Cruise steered her away from starring in films not in line with Scientology — though she recently pulled out of portraying drug addict Edie Sedgwick in the upcoming film Factory Girl. She said: “I just felt that the role wasn’t right for me.”

Yep. Keep repeating that, and it will become true.

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