Scientology Lost A Cult Member

Watch out, Xenu! One of your former followers has a complaint to lodge! This is Jason Beghe. He’s a vaguely familiar actor who was in G.I. Jane, and various TV shows like Melrose Place, Numb3rs, and C.S.I. He was deeply involved in Scientology, but has escaped the clutches of Tom Cruise and Co. And bitch is mad!

Beghe made this video, which is reported to be a short section of a longer one, to expose Scientology as “destructive and a rip-off.” No shit, Harriet the Spy! This video is really odd because he is still obviously deep into the L. Ron Hubbard lingo and I have no clue what he’s saying at some points. He talks about “clears” and “levels” and it sounds so bizarre that you have to wonder what the eff the people involved in this shit are thinking. I just hope this ho doesn’t end up hanging from a shower rod. Scientology critics don’t have a long shelf life.

I know where I know him! He’s in that movie where he’s the quadriplegic and the monkey tries to kill him! Pure Oscar magic!