Scary Spice’s Husband Is A Little Too Free With His Hands


So Mel B. was fully aware that her new husband had a prior run-in with the law over smacking around his ex-chick. She’s taking her life in her own hands. Guys who smack a woman will usually keep doing it unless they get some crazy intensive therapy. Ugh. Dicks. He cued up on his baby mama and was put on probation and had to enter a program. Maybe it helped. I can see Mel getting really annoying. So she better watch her ass!

A friend of Scary Spice yesterday said she was shocked to learn of Belafonte’s past – but insisted the singer had gone into the relationship “with her eyes wide open”. She added: “Mel knows he’s no angel”

Belafonte was arrested for attacking terrified common-law wife Nicole in May 2003 in a drunken fury. Police called to her home, where they lived together, charged him battery and vandalising her phone. Court papers filed 24 hours later accuse Belafonte of “willfully and unlawfully” using violence against Nicole. Belafonte pleaded “no contest” to the battery charge – which the judge stated was the same as a guilty plea.

The common-law wife he smacked around now says he’s a changed man. But still – this guy’s an odd one. Three years before he attacked his woman, he was accused of assaulting two men by “throwing a missile” at their car?!? They mean rock, right? Because we probably would have heard about a rocket launcher before now.

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