Scary Spice Has Been Married For Awhile


Hope there was a pre-nup. Mel B. has been married since early June to her dude, movie producer Stephen Belafonte. Look at her – tricking our asses and making out like she’s a tragic single mother. No wonder why she’s drinking champs by the pool and cackling in a zebra bathing suit. She’s got it all!

Last night Mel said: “Stephen and I have known each other for seven years. We wanted to make a commitment.

“We wanted it to be private and have a big wedding with our families later in the year.”

The couple, both 32, wed at the “drive-thru” Special Memory Wedding Chapel, a white painted wooden building off the famed Las Vegas strip.

This happened on June 6. Mel is currently seeking a big payday from Eddie Murphy via their daughter Angel Iris Murphy Brown. Was Gloria Allred at the wedding? She would have scared the shit out of the Elvis impersonator reverend guy. Nothing’s scary than a hagatha with a law degree.

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