Scary Spice Has Been Married For Awhile

August 9th, 2007 // 14 Comments


Hope there was a pre-nup. Mel B. has been married since early June to her dude, movie producer Stephen Belafonte. Look at her – tricking our asses and making out like she’s a tragic single mother. No wonder why she’s drinking champs by the pool and cackling in a zebra bathing suit. She’s got it all!

Last night Mel said: “Stephen and I have known each other for seven years. We wanted to make a commitment.

“We wanted it to be private and have a big wedding with our families later in the year.”

The couple, both 32, wed at the “drive-thru” Special Memory Wedding Chapel, a white painted wooden building off the famed Las Vegas strip.

This happened on June 6. Mel is currently seeking a big payday from Eddie Murphy via their daughter Angel Iris Murphy Brown. Was Gloria Allred at the wedding? She would have scared the shit out of the Elvis impersonator reverend guy. Nothing’s scary than a hagatha with a law degree.

By J. Harvey

  1. Darth Paul

    Stephen is HAWT. There, I said it.

  2. JRo

    She grosses me out. She only dates/marries people who boost her public image or legitimize her celebrity status. Talentless, bed hoppin’ ho if you ask me.

  3. LoRider

    I’m sure her new hubby is rich, now that she’s in line for a big payday from Eddie. I hope she treats that little gold card of hers (the kid, not her cooter) well. If her new hubby IS rich, look for her to preg-up again real soon. Ride Lo

  4. Zekers

    Stephen Belafonte, would he be Harry Belafonte’s son? So, yes LoRider, he is rich.

  5. green cardigan

    She kept that one quiet didn’t she? I’m not convinced by her.
    Yeah, Eddie Murphy should pay up, but I don’t think she was ever little Ms. Oh Look! The Condom Split.

  6. Shawna

    Mel B made 10 million off of the Spice Girl reunion deal. Plus she had millions already from the group. So she is far from a gold digger. Also Eddie was the one who put their whole thing on blast in the first place. She proved her point with the DNA testing and now she’s living her life. I say good for her.

  7. sassyne

    shawna I agree with you. Eddie needs to pay up! I hope Mel and her husband make it. He’s a huge step up from Eddie in the looks department. Mel is far from a broke gold digger. She has her own money.

  8. LoRider

    I aint sayin she a gold digger.

    Wait, yes I am.

    Bed-hoppin ho. This marriage is done before it starts.

    Ride Lo

  9. I was the one who calls her a gold-digger.

    As I mentioned before, she must be getting advice from Victoria “I’m so rich and wonderfull” Beckham.

  10. stolidog

    clearly, she’s not a gold digger.

    and, calling her a “bed hopping ho” is pretty close to the “nappy headed ho” comment that got Imus fired, don’t you think?

  11. Zekers

    Stolidog meet LoRider…and yes you’re right.

  12. QB

    He is not rich he changed hes name to Belafonte so people would think he was related to Harry Belafonte he has a shaddy past.

  13. LoRider

    If the Ho fits …

    It was the “nappy” that got Imus fired. Only other blacks can say that – anyone can call anyone a “ho”, sadly enough.

    $10 mil doesn’t go as far as you might think when you are a celebrity and have to maintain the lifestyle. Don’t assume to know Scary’s financial status, but assume it’s not as good as Eddie’s. I have no love for Eddie but this is the f-ing he gets for the f-ing he got.

    Ride Lo

  14. 2 Old 4 This

    “…hagatha with a law degree.”

    J Harvey you friggin slay me

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