Scary Shirtless Joseph Gordon-Levitt ‘Films Hesher’

May 19th, 2009 // 4 Comments

This movie looks like fun! Who do we have here? It’s the lovable Third Rock From the Sun actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt with a stick figure drawing of a man shooting himself in the head. Huh.

Natalie Portman was on the Hesher set as well. She did manage to keep her panties from being exposed during today’s shoot.

According to IMDB, the films is about T.J, a 13 year old boy and his Father, who are both devastated by the tragic loss of the Mother/Wife, are now living with the elderly Grandma. On his way to school one day, T.J has a chance encounter with Hesher, a late 20′s year old with a troubled past. Hesher assumes a role as both mentor and tormentor, leading T.J into troubles he could never have imagined. Nicole, a young grocery clerk trying to make ends meet steps in to protect T.J from a vicious attack, T.J becomes enamored with Nicole, only to have his fantasies destroyed by Hesher. Hesher moves into Grandma’s home, although uninvited, he is somehow accepted.

The perfect date movie!

Gallery Info: Natalie Portman & Joseph Gordon-Levitt Filming “Hesher” in LA!

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Rosannadanna

    Ew, soft mushy nips.

  2. shardy

    um – - – the plot of this film sounds
    a bit too much like the plot of “Bully”

    WTF is UP with Natalie Portman’s
    ARMS?!? they look malformed…!?!

    has she always looked this way…?

    can someone PLEASE inform her that
    filming on a public street is bound to attract
    the paparazzi

    she needs to wipe that aloof look off of her
    face, if she is not having the trappings of fame, perhaps
    she should quit her day job…just sayin’

  3. provemewrong

    If Portman doesn’t feel like being friendly to paps, that’s her right. Why should she, if she doesn’t want to? They still get their pics, and the money’s all they care about.

  4. faith

    Rosannadanna u really need to shutt up…who looks at nipples seriously?get a life please..judge yourself.! i looooove joseph gordon levitt:)

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