Scary News Hellion Knocked Up With Twins

Nancy Grace could take you in a fight. And she WILL drive you to suicide. Anyway, she’s knocked up with twins.

Anchorwoman and lawyer Nancy Grace is known for exposing the truth on CNN Headline, but she’s been keeping a huge secret of her own: twins! Grace, 47, is four months pregnant.

(The father is her investment banker husband, David Linch, 41, whom she wed April 21.)

“I kept [the pregnancy] quiet because I wanted to make sure all would be healthy,” Grace, a Georgia native, tells Us. “I’ve worn loose-fitting clothes and I guess [audiences] just thought I was getting heavier!”

Any crazy cravings? “Watermelon, peaches and my mother’s southern fried chicken!”

And justice! Nancy Grace has a craving for justice. She will stare at you from your tv screen and make you wither and cry. Something about her manner makes my balls crawl back up into my stomach cavitiy. Hopefully her children don’t inherit that quality otherwise they make take over the planet.