Scarlett’s Bringing Louis Back

The second wave of Scarjo studded Louis Vuitton campaigns has hit. The newly remodeled model echos the likes of Grace Kelly. Sex appeal oozes from her scantily whiteness. Seriously, Snow White has got nothing on her skin tone in this ad. She takes sexy from the spring/summer sex kitten image to a relaxed seductress.

The fall line is all about the Scarlett. Her character in “Girl with a Pearl Earring” was the inspiration behind the collection of bags and accessories. You won’t see the “real thing” in magazines until August of this year.

It’s Friday people. The beginning of a long weekend for most of us. But until the clock ticks down to Happy Hour, check out the Famester Lounges to kill time until you reach sweet freedom. Grey’s Anatomy fans can lick their wounds of the loss of Isaiah Washington or celebrate his departure. Depending on your view of Burke. Or check out what movies are a must see this weekend. Personally I have a thing for Pirates.

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