Lindsay Lohan Traded Her Voice For Legs

April 29th, 2008 // 8 Comments

Hmm, yeah, so here’s Lindsay Lohan in a dress that I feel can aptly be described as “dowdy mermaid.” Seriously, how on earth does she manage to look so frumpy when she’s go so much cleavage exposed? It’s a riddle, really.

Lindsay’s looking like she’s got a little more meat on her bones, which is good, but you know something’s wrong when you look at a bunch of little tarts from The Hills and they appear comparatively fresh-faced compared to eyeliner-loving Lindsay. I feel like she’s always wearing nighttime make-up for day.

Also, I’m happy to report that along with all of these young ones showing up to this event–which was to promote the launch of a new LG TV–Ms. Bai Ling managed to step out onto the red carpet and looked stunning, as usual. You can see pictures of the notorious red carpet crasher after the jump. Her dress and colorful belt pretty much blew Lindsay’s ensemble out of the water (pun totally intended). But I think the best part of her outfit would have to be those strange blueish scars on her shins. Did she get those during her airport gift shop heist?

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By Lisa Timmons



  2. fuckit

    stop bashing lindsay lohan. i mean, the girl looks very cute. go lindsay.

  3. Jessica Martin

    i loveeee lindseyyyy♥ shes the shit, no doubt!*

  4. Applespice

    I blame the horrible blonde hair. She looks so much better as a brunette/redhead. The blonde brings out the worst in her complexion, it seems. Which is odd, it’s normally the opposite for most people.

    BTW- White heels = 1980′s or a stripper in my book.

  5. jbonz

    She’s got Marty Feldman tits.”

  6. say what?

    cute? yeah, if “cute” translates to “former-stripper-turned-cocktail-waitress”. her outfit is reminiscent of a uniform from a theme restaurant.

    egad, she looks like shit. and only 21 years old? I’m mid-30s and was a lifeguard for years, and my skin looks better than hers.

    apple, I’m with you on the hair thing. the blonde does nothing for her. the dark red hair is her best look. and with you on the shoes, too. unless you’re a bride or a nurse, just stay away from white shoes.

  7. Applespice

    yeah, if “cute” translates to “former-stripper-turned-cocktail-waitress”.


  8. krystyn

    IMO its the disgusting fake tanner she insists on using. Fine, you want to protect your skin from damage, great. Then be pasty and own it! The orange is putrid.

    And the 70′s feathered hairdo? You’re no Farrah, let it go.

    She needs to dress and comport herself like the 21 yr old she is, stop all the “trying too hard” sexy faces, and maybe she wouldn’t look so damn washed up and haggard.

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