Scarlett Johansson Works Those Girls!

Duck! Here’s a clip from Scarlett Johansson’s movie A Good Woman. Stand back, because those things are loose and dangerous. I wonder if she even stopped to inquire as to whether getting on all fours and moving briskly might cause her bodacious tatas to swing free from their loose covering.

She could be one of those Method actresses who’s like “no, I’m in the moment. This character wouldn’t care about her titters flying to the window, to the wall. I must stay in the moment!”

Anyway, here’s a treat for you lesbian readers, and the three straight dudes who read this site. Scarjo’s nipple! After the jump! Suddenly, we’re Mr. Skin! Fun!

Let’s face it. We’d much rather admire her chest than hear her sing or watch her direct.

The revealing photo is after the jump.

(via Celebrity Fashion Watcher)