Scarlett Johansson Sings

Look, it’s promo shots from Scarlett Johansson’s first album! The album’s called Anywhere I Lay My Head, and it’s covers of Tom Waits songs. Oh, that’ll work. I feel like Tim Gunn when I say I think there’s a lot of look here.

My favorite is when she’s terrified in the desert, and biting her nails. Are radioactive mutant cannibals after her? The other shot of her in the desert where you can see the photographer’s shadow was a close second. Was that before she was terrified? This looks like a low rent vanity project. She’s posing in front of a fireplace for god’s sakes. And it’s not even lit. Spend the extra for a Duraflame for some mood lighting.

Scarjo’s album is sure to debut at the top of the charts later this year. Seriously, Kanye West will be having temper tantrums about her when she blows up the charts. Try as she might, she will never top Milla Jovovich’s “The Man Who Fell”. Milla needs to stop fighting zombies in cheesy video game movies and drop another album.