Scarlett Johansson Takes A Tumble While Filming ‘Under The Skin’ [PHOTOS]

ScarJo In Calvin Klein
The actress accepted an award in Germany.

Scarlett Johansson took a topple on a Glasgow, Scotland sidewalk yesterday (October 23rd) while filming Under The Skin.  Johansson, dressed in a fur coat and wearing a brown wig, plays an alien who seduces men before stealing their body parts, according to STV.

Ryan Reynolds’ ex-wife was in the Scottish city last November to film, and stopped by a number of establishments, much to the delight of locals.

Ella Coyle, manager of Mexican restaurant Pinata, commented on the healthy order of Chipotle King Prawns and guacamole Johansson requested while dining at the establishment.

“Most people order our burritos or enchiladas, which are packed with cheese and sour cream, but Scarlett chose one of the healthiest options on the menu,” Coyle said.  “She was clearly trying to be good by ordering the prawns and guacamole, which are packed full of nutrients and protein.”