Scarlett Johansson Pissed About Ryan & Sandra

While everyone is well aware of the rumors that Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds may indeed be a hot new couple, apparently Scarlett Johansson is not thrilled with all the coverage whether it is true or not.

“Scarlett is a deeply private person, who during her entire marriage was only ever seen and photographed with her husband a handful of times,” a friend of the actress tells PopEater. “Now, less than a month after they split that fool has gone and got himself photographed with [Bullock] on New Year’s Eve of all days. Of course she is devastated.”

Yep, Bullock – seen above in NYC with her son Louis – was spotted canoodling with Reynolds at Bess Bistro, which Sandra owns in Texas. While her rep is insisting that they are “nothing more than friends,” many other sources are reporting that the two are in fact dating…

The couple have been spotted making a trip or two to her Jackson Hole, Wyo., getaway.

“Even if they are not a couple yet, this is very awkward for Scarlett. She too thinks of Sandy as a friend and hates the thought that Sandy is on team Ryan after the breakup, that is if she isn’t already his girlfriend,” an insider said.

Well, I’m not sure what to think. Sure it sucks for ScarJo who has to read or hear about all this shit, but at the same time…that’s Hollywood. Everyone’s dating life is fodder for the gossip rags and websites like this.