Scarlett Johansson Healing Divorce Heartache With Jared Leto

December 30th, 2010 // 4 Comments

Damn girl. Is the ink even dry on your divorce papers yet?

Newly single Scarlett Johansson has taken her vulnerable state and used it in the way every down-on-herself kinda girl would: by calling her ex. Now I may not understand the furry animal that is planted on Jared Leto’s head while he did some Christmas shopping last week, but I do understand a hot semi-naked man when I see one.

Divorce may be the new black in LA, but maybe if Scarlett weren’t so mean to the Sexiest Man Alive, she’d be still sleeping with him instead of running back to a dude that wears manliner. #smh

By Priscilla Rios

  1. Monica

    He is so fucking HOT he is fgrom 30 Seconeds to Mars lucky her I could look at his blue eyes all day

  2. Kris

    Jared does not wear eyeliner al looong time you know. And btw. Scarlette should be happy as hell to have him. However I dont think they are together because Jared is still on a tour!

  3. carole

    This is a funny article. Scarlett may seek refuge in him as for the “heartbreak” of her recent divorce, but obviously that won’t last. It is just mere interest and Jared is more clever than that. Hollywood is infested by those kind of people. They all go for that lifestyle, that way of behaving, and it’s sick. I hope he doesn’t fall for it. No good.

  4. Judith

    just old friends

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