Scarlett Johansson Channels The 1940s As She Heads To ‘Letterman’, Should Win Awards For ‘Her’

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Scarlett Johansson wasn’t about to let a little polar vortex in New York City deter her from wearing this lovely outfit to Late Night With David Letterman.

The sexiest actress alive looked like she stepped out of a 1940 movie in a blue dress that was covered by a gorgeous beige coat and topped off with some snazzy heels, sunglasses and the most beautiful 40s hair curl I’ve seen in a long while.

So, have you guys seen Her yet? If you have, do you agree that Scarlett deserves awards? 

I went to a screening of the Spike Jonzefilm a while ago and before it started the guy introducing it said, “I hope Scarlett gets an Oscar nomination for this, because she deserves it.” At the time I rolled my eyes thinking, “She does the voice of a computer. How amazing could that be?” As it turns out, very amazing.

Her performance is different than that of a normal voice actor, because with a cartoon, you have a character to look at that has emotions. Scarlett’s character Samantha is literally just a voice, but the way she uses the tool she has is outstanding. Her opens all over America this Friday so do yourself a favor and go see it!

But until that happens, launch the gallery to check out just how flawless Scarlett looked on her way to Letterman. I mean, you won’t get to see her in the movie.