Scarlett Johansson Channels Cinematic Icons For ‘W’ Magazine

Scarlett Johansson gets some of her best ideas while under the influence.  During a champagne-filled dinner in France, she and photographer Tim Walker came up with a cafe brillz idea.  “We had just shot the Moët & Chandon ad campaign together,” recalls Johansson, “and we were sampling the product—excessively,”  Johansson told W Magazine.

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The two decided to do a story on cinematic ions, with a photoshoot that would take them over 14 hours to complete.  Johansson dressed up as Marlene Dietrich, Sarah Bernhardt, Buster Keaton and Giulietta Masina in Fellini’s La Strada. Elvis was on the list, but was scrapped because it just didn’t work.  Take a spin through the gallery and let us know which look is your favorite.