Scarjo’s A Straight-Up Ass On Set

Scarlett Johansson is acting like she’s god’s gift to the cinema on the set of “He’s Just Not That Into You”. Was that actually a novel you could write a screenplay from? Wasn’t it a set of rules for lonely women? How did they make it into a story? Scarjo is demanding umbrellas to shield her highness from the rays of the sun and from photogs and making people drive her ass a couple of steps in SUV’S. Don’t make me regret liking “Lost In Translation”, honey!

A source tells Us that on her first day, the star, 22, had a driver shuttle her the 100 yards to the set, while costar Drew Barrymore simply walked the distance. (Johansson also asked for three assistants to shield her with umbrellas.)

“Scarlett’s a total diva,” the insider tells Us. “Some people are cool, and others are not.”

A production source says, “We prefer talent use vans when filming on public streets, and Scarlett has only been professional.”

The production source is the one who has to get Scarlett’s soy latte right or she’ll buy his family’s ancestral home and turn them out into the streets. Why do we keep hearing more and more stories about what a cooze she is behind the scenes? I saw the ad for “The Nanny Diaries”. She’s so stank that she temporarily sucked the hot out of Chris Evans. Hold your own damn umbrella, banshee!