Scarjo and Ben Stiller to Receive Hasty Pudding Awards This Year

The Boston Herald reports that Scarjo’s boobies are going to be in my area! Oh, and Ben Stiller’s gonna be around, too.

Ben Stiller and Scarlett Johansson are this year’s recipients of the annual Hasty Pudding awards, given by a student drama group at Harvard University.

The awards, announced Monday, are given to performers who have made a “lasting and impressive contribution to the world of entertainment” by Hasty Pudding Theatricals, the nation’s oldest undergraduate drama troupe.

So basically, there’s a parade and they kinda haze them through the streets of Cambridge and there’s a ceremony where they usually make fun of any shitty movies they might have been in. So Stiller’s screwed in that respect. I’m trying to think of what they could get Scarjo on. Eight-Legged Freaks? Anyway, Scarjo’s going to be about ten minutes away from me so I can take the T over to ask her if she’s pissed she lost Timberlake to the triathlon competitior-looking Jessica Biel. Ben Stiller’s one of those guys who’s not quite as annoying as Vince Vaughn but a little goes a long way.