Saying Goodbye With An Anti-Heroin Implant

Kate Moss isn’t a cold heartless bitch after all. The model, gave ex-boyfriend Pete Doherty an anti-heroin implant as a breaking up gift. Up until this point Kate has always remained anti-implants.

Despite parting company with Pete, Kate is determined to help him get off drugs and is prepared to splash out the huge sum for an implant of naltrexone – which stops the highly addictive drug having any effect.

A friend of the beauty revealed: “Pete is determined to get clean and Kate is supporting him. They are no longer lovers but she cares for him and wants him to get out of this mess. She has offered to pay for the implant”.

It is not the first time the former Libertines singer has used naltrexone to try and get off drugs. Earlier this year, Pete managed to stay drug-free for five months after receiving an implant, following a brief stint in a rehabilitation clinic, shortly after he was arrested in February for assault .

Do the implants come in 12-packs? He may need a little extra help.

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