Say Hello To The New Sarah Rue

August 1st, 2005 // 21 Comments

Click the photo on the left to get the full view. I’ve always thought that Sarah was beautiful, and she was wonderful on Popular. Love the new and improved; let’s hope that she doesn’t go the Nicole Richie route.

(Images via Oh No They Didn’t)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. starrzz

    SHe looks alright, i miss her red hair though
    But her head doesn’t seem to fit her body in that picture

  2. miguelito

    she looks great, good for her… she was the prettiest girl in popular… god, i miss mary cherry

  3. looty toot

    I thought that was Reese Witherspoon on the left.

  4. Geigh

    She still needs to lose a few.


  5. I think she looked better before.

  6. Lindsay

    I agree, I think she looks better with a little more meat on her bones – skele-chic is NOT HOT!! Guys want a little something to hold on to . . .

  7. Geigh

    She’s a fat fatty.


  8. She looks so much better chubbier.

  9. That guy over there

    Looks good to me. Good to see that she’s still got those titties.

  10. Joe Mama

    Screw that, she looked Perfect in the first picture. Not everyone is Meant to or Needs to be thin. She was gorgeous and still is, but she didn’t have to lose 1 pound to have her own sitcom or be brilliantly funny.

    I’m tired of this society’s notion of what beauty is supposed to be.

  11. oh pleez


    Get a new schtick or go back to datalounge.

  12. JennLeigh

    Personally I think she looks better before.

  13. Moi

    She looks vaguely like Nicole Kidman now.

  14. gia

    i find her to be quite unattractive whether she is fat or average. she is by no means thin now either. she just has one of those nasty long horse faces.
    i thought i read somewhere that she is rumored to have had breast reduction too.
    maybe she should try to lose some weight off that Leno chin & look less like a tranny. i am sure she is hoping to get more into hollywood & off of tv. she could get down to 100 lbs & that would never happen. she is incredibly annoying.

  15. Count me in the “she looked better before” camp. Her face needs the roundness I think. And bring back the red hair!!

  16. Nikki

    I liked the before lot more. She had this fresh and exciting look. Plus she was sexy and voluptous: seriously approaching bombshell. Now she can be easily lost in crowd of washed up blondes. (Plus I hate the hair)

  17. Tracy

    Dude, anyone who says she’s FAT really needs to reevaluate themselves. She’s HEALTHY. There’s a difference.

    And beautiful, to boot.

  18. James

    I prefer the Sara of old. The sexy redhead with curves.

  19. Digs

    Oh paleeze. Anyone who says she looked better before is a fatty themselves.
    She looked great before & looks fantastic now AND she’s healthier now.

  20. Jay Jones x8247

    Some of you guys are sending out extremely negative energy. Don’t hate…motivate

  21. pro ana

    she looks so pro-ana, its amazing. now if the rest of society could just do this, we’d all be beautiful

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