Say Hello To Sean Preston Federline

October 21st, 2005 // 32 Comments

A freaked out and crying Britney Spears changed her mind about selling her baby photos to People magazine. She felt she was selling her baby out. Well, she’s sold out everything else, why not the baby too? She’s now forced us to post fuzzy blown up images of little Sean Preston.

Privacy Craver [Page Six]

[UPDATED: Ah lawyers. While we would love to bring you the photos of Britney’s little bundle of joy, we are no longer able to. So instead, we bring you this adorable photo of a kitten running for it’s dear life. No foreshadowing of Sean Preston’s life here at all.]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. kmae

    Awww, i’m not a huge bs fan, but he’s so cute. Looks just like a gerber baby

  2. Cynthia

    He is very cute. But where are his cornrows and wifebeaters?

  3. happy hour

    very cute but born with 1 brain cell.

  4. jenny

    It is fake, please that first picture is not a real baby!!! Someone is just getting crazy with the photoshop.

  5. Gossip Guru

    If that is a real baby, than THAT is a beautiful baby. All babies are beautiful (becuase they are babies) but some babies are ugly. Take Seal and Heidi’s baby.

  6. Spaz Cadet

    He looks like a miniature Federline. Where is his do-rag? Put some Strawberry Quik in his bottle and he’s good to go.

  7. Kim

    I can’t stand Britney or Federline, but I gotta admit, baby looks cuter than Klum and Seal’s baby! FO SHO!

  8. Anna

    Pretty but undoubtedly dumb. You can’t fight genetics.

  9. Jenny

    OMG, the baby is only cute because it’s PLASTIC! Seal and Heidi would have a cuter baby if theirs was a DOLL!

  10. Brian

    She probably got a better offer from another publication……..tht poor kid…….

  11. netty

    OMG! you guys ar unreal! I know Brit and Kev arent the most glamorous couple anymore with a lot of white trash talk but dont come down on the innocent. He didnt ask to be born!

  12. looloo

    That baby is precious…is it fake, for real? I will be SOOOOOOOOOO disappointed if she is snuggling up to a baby doll. :(

  13. Karma Killer

    Awww he actually looks really cute…i wonder how long Kevin will hang around this child…

  14. Dawn

    Britney is scared to show the baby to the public, but yet has blasted pictures of Shar’s kids all over the world. She owes Shar many apologies and for many things!

  15. Dawn

    OH! And I don’t believe for a minute that Britney isn’t going to sell pictures of her baby. She has enough money to quietly go away and enjoy her life with her husband and child, but her only care seems to be getting her picture in the tabloids or showing people her ridiculous home videos. She has the chance to have it all, but she’s sacrificing a family for more money.

  16. Cheesy

    God help me, but that’s a really cute baby! Too bad that kid is gonna be a constant reminder to his mamma of his daddy when she dumps his sorry butt.

  17. Kfad

    Britney’s baby was born by C-section, meaning it didn’t have to get squeezed out of that sweet, hairless hole between her legs. Heidi Klums baby was born naturally, meaning it had to walk the mean, dark streets of Gynatown in order to make it into this world. It’s head will look normal after a few weeks.

    Seal told me Heidi’s pussy was tight… but gawt damn! That baby is lucky it’s eyes weren’t squished into diamonds. Listen, I know babies, I have made a few and I am looking to make a few more… Ladies? email me.

  18. Kiki

    FYI: Check Yahoo’s entertainment news section…Brit is peeved about these pictures being leaked and is spewing legal threats to anyone who posts them! Watch out!

  19. christine

    its kinda weird tho . . . if u look at the other pictures of brit and sean preston (the ones where u can’t see his face) he has lots more hair and its darker.
    i am not sure whats up with that????

  20. taterhead

    It’s just plain wrong to talk shit about anyones baby. I can’t stand Britt, but she has a beatiful baby. And to say Seal and Heidi’s baby is ugly? Thats wrong because like Britt’s baby he’s an innocent person that knows no wrong, so save your trash talk for adults who can tell you to shut the fk up in return, not goo goo gaa gaa

  21. Napoleon

    So Jive Records hasn’t threatened you yet? Lucky!

  22. RICI

    I just want to let you know that britney is takink legall action to who ever got picture of her son on there wbe site

  23. smroxs

    Here’s the legal mumbo jumbo Jive Records is sending out:
    “Anyone who publishes, sells or otherwise exploits any of these images in any way will be subject to liability and damages for willful infringement of copyright, and will be liable for invasion of privacy,”

    Wow. Talk about having love for your child. What a great parent Britney is to have already copyrighted her child. And does it count as an invasion of privacy when you’re SELLING pictures of your baby? God what a greedy, money grubbing whore.

  24. zarinah

    somehow the force of Jive Records and Britney spears dont seem that intimidating. SO instead of britney selling out the kid, the pics are now out on the net for free. The kid isnt being sold, and the world gets to quench their baby thirst. I think its a win win.

  25. starlight_perfume

    If that is a doll then they must have paid a pretty penny for someone to make a doll that looks exactly like her when she was a baby!

  26. Chrissy87

    The baby is adorbale and I agree with tater. If you want to diss the parents go ahead but as for the baby come on people it is an innocent baby and babies can not choose who they are born to.and NO just because the parents of a baby are dumb does not mean the baby is so why don;t you idiots who think that way start staying awake in school.

    As for dawn Britney owes that idiot Shar nothing. The reason their are pictures of those kids in the papers is because of stupid paparazzi and if Shar wanted she could sue who took those photos over but she does not care.

    Shar new her kids would be getting pictures tooken of them COME ON they are with Britney Spears.

    How many years now has she been most looked for person by paparazzi?

  27. how come i can’t view the pictures of the baby Sean?

  28. Well ya, I mean how much money does she need!

  29. KittyLiterati

    How appropriate. This replacement photo is representative of Sean Preston’s life in the coming years.

  30. SocialButterfly

    Some pics available on Did the mag come out already?

  31. Amber

    how come i can’t see any pictures of sean preston?

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